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Presentation builder

All corporations struggle to find the best way of getting essential information to their staff. National Grid have long realised that a personal approach, where managers tells their people themselves, works well.  The central internal comms team prepares a series of decks containing key information and the manager decides what to show their team - and how to present it. But there was a flaw in this approach - and that was that some of the messages are mandatory, they're for all staff and cannot be ignored. National Grid came to us and asked how we'd go about solving this problem.

We designed and developed (and now host and support) a simple, elegantly-designed system for the central comms team to publish a series of 'mini' decks containing key information, films and guidance regarding content. Once published, managers use a drag and drop interface to choose which decks to show their teams and build a bespoke set of slides - but whichever combination they choose, they always get the mandatory messages in their final set. Furthermore, the information is tailored by region - so mandatory regionally-relevant messages can be delivered to all staff.