The Legatum Institute

Prosperity Index

The Prosperity Index from the Legatum Institute is a well respected annual index covering data on 142 countries.  It is the only global index that measures national prosperity based on both wealth and wellbeing.

Although widely used by politicians and economists, the website took a second seat compared to its paper counterpart. The site was plagued by user experience issues which made the data difficult to access. Some of the interactive features simply did not work.

We were brought in to improve what's there and make it all functions across desktop and mobile. The most taxing and involved process was to make the interactive 'compare data' chart (with its hundreds of variables) intuitive to use. We re-invented all the country profile pages with half an eye on a magazine-like friendliness and half an eye on presenting hard-core data in the clearest and legible manner.

The site was coded as a single page application and embedded within sitefinity CMS for ease of content management and all delivered within four week long sprints.

It was launched in November 2015 by the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith with a special endorsement by Chancellor George Osborne.