National Grid Brand story

National Grid

Brand films

Internal comms are the best way to help employees make powerful emotional connections to the products and services they sell; understand their value; and unify and inspire them by a common sense of purpose.

We created a couple of brand films for National Grid to do just that, and to communicate the company's role in society to a general audience, both in the UK and North Eastern US.

'This is National Grid' has a warm and seductive in tone, using simple emphatic language combined with b-roll and some well-chosen stock footage. The film succinctly communicates National Grid's responsibilities and how they are gearing up for the future of energy.

'We are National Grid' takes a different approach by having real employees talk directly to the camera. Their roles are diverse, ranging from field workers to office staff. We controlled the entire shoot and the result is a slick, beautifully executed narrative that gets to the core of what National Grid does for us.