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The Folio Society publishes fine editions of classic books. Their customers love their beautiful books - as does anyone who comes into contact with them - but their business model, a kind of book club, wasn't working for them anymore because people don't want to be locked into a commitment to buy. 

If they were going to compete on the open market with all the other publishers of fine books, they had to define the Folio brand - what it stood for and what it meant to customers - to provide a framework within which creative and marketing decisions could be made. 

So they approached us. We interviewed the leadership team and ran workshops with the key people involved in the production of their books. We got views on the market and the future of publishing, insights into the creative decision-making process and customer feedback from the helpdesk. It became clear quite quickly that the love of books was key - that, in this day and age of ubiquitous digital content, there is a hunger for beautiful high quality physical products. Owning actual books is a joyous experience - Folio can 'turn book readers into book lovers'. 

Appropriately enough, we wrapped all this up into a brand book - a beautifully-bound, well-written, marvellously-illustrated and typeset, elegant expression of the Folio brand. 

To transform readers
into book lovers.