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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) were preparing for the Lima Climate Change Conference 2014. They wanted a way to showcase the thousands of commitments by cities, companies and subnational regions to tackle climate change. They approached us with 6 weeks to go to the conference and with members of the UNFCCC embedded in our team, we designed, built and deployed the portal visualising this data for the first time. Deployed on a server farm the site was ready for the high volumes of expected launch traffic (10M+ with the help of Leonardo DiCaprio's tweet).

We maintained the portal throughout 2015 with minor interface changes and frequent data updates and in readiness for the Paris conference in December 2015 we produced a new improved version including several thousand more commitments, additional sections for investors and civil society organisations and improved search and navigational elements.

The portal is now recommended in the Paris Agreement as the preferred platform to report commitments by non-state stakeholders:

'118. Welcomes the efforts of non-Party stakeholders to scale up their climate actions, and encourages the registration of those actions in the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action platform'

'135. Invites the non-Party stakeholders referred to in paragraph 134 above to scale up their efforts and support actions to reduce emissions and/or to build resilience and decrease vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change and demonstrate these efforts via the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action platform referred to in paragraph 118 above'

Paris Agreement 2015

'...the portal was developed to filter a vast amount of data in a streamlined and visually appealing manner, resulting in a product that gave me great pleasure to launch jointly with the Peruvian Government'
Christiana Figueres
United Nations