Better Future Photography

BT has been achieving great things in corporate social responsibility (CSR) for more than 20 years. The BT CSR team asked us to deliver a series of photographic images to replace the cliched stock-imagery they'd been relying on. The new image bank had to cover 16 themes, ranging from things like Digital inclusion to Waste and recycling and Industrial relations.

We decided early on that we weren't going to do model castings or pursue elaborate set-ups that simply would deliver more of the same cliched images they were trying to avoid. Instead we insisted on an authentic reportage style of photography that would tell the real BT CSR story by recording it as it happens. This required numerous shoot days across multiple locations with call sheets, risk assessments and crew in pursuit of the next shot.

Our completed CSR image bank has delivered 100+ high quality images that brings their work to life and adds to their sense of purpose.