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Adastral Park website


A world class research unit, Adastral Park in Ipswich is also home to BT's Global R&D Headquarters. It is one of the world's most famous telecoms and computing addresses, with a campus that covers 100 acres, and home to around 4000 scientists, IT experts and engineers.


Although brilliant in their fields of research activities, Adastral Park's website was an outdated community effort that looked more at home in the 1990s. It was put together as a Wordpress blog, contained within a labyrinthine structure. With BT Innovation Week 2017 fast approaching, the team had less than a month to completely reinvent the site from the ground up.


We designed, built and deployed the new site for Adastral Park in time for BT Innovation Week, complete with updated branding. We positioned the site to reference the master BT brand in its use of colour but otherwise side-stepped the BT identity to establish an independent look-and-feel.

The site is clearly separated into two distinct areas to address its internal community (the tenants) as well as an external audience. Particular emphasis was given to BT Labs, the Tommy Flowers Institute and the educational programmes on campus.

We aimed to show all facets of the Park - a place for advance research with state of the arts facilities, as well as a fun place where its locals can let their hair down at events such as music festivals and film nights.